Nine Distinguished Decades of Arizona Legal Service

Carson Messinger PLLC has represented a wide range of businesses, companies and families since its founding in 1924. The Firm’s current attorneys continue this decades long tradition of providing quality legal services by a team of experienced, practical attorneys.

Throughout its history, Carson Messinger, has been a small to medium-size firm emphasizing prompt, personal service at an economical cost. We take great pride in developing long lasting relationships with our clients many of which we have represented for decades. We feel that direct, personal contact between lawyer and client results in greater efficiency and cost savings than may be present in relationships with larger firms.

Carson Messinger maintains a diversified practice, representing many companies with national and international interests, as well as Arizona-based businesses and individuals. For almost a century, our attorneys have represented various business interests, through both prosperous and recessionary business cycles, givings us unique insight and perspective in representing the interests of our clients.

Carson Messinger maintains its office in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Buyers (and Sellers) on eBay Beware!

Arizona Appellate Court holds that clicking the “Buy it Now” button on Ebay creates a binding Contract.

On March 8, 2018, the Arizona Court of Appeals (Division One) determined two parties entered into a valid and enforceable contract when a Phoenix woman, Mrs. Julie Rohr (“Mrs. Rohr”), offered her diamond ring on eBay with the option for users to “Buy It Now”, and Mr. Evangelos Armiros (“Mr. Armiros”) accepted the offer by clicking the “Buy It Now” button. Armiros v. Rohr, 416 P.3d 864 (2018).



New Arizona ‘Data Breach’ Law

On April 11, 2018 Governor Ducey signed into law Arizona HB2154. The bill amended the existing Arizona ‘data breach’ law and was designed to add enhanced protection for customer and client data. The amended law added new notification procedures and requirements for any company that experiences a data breach in Arizona.

For instance, A.R.S. §18-551 now expands the definition of personal information to include all online data, including names when connected to health insurance and medical information. Passwords, security questions and answers and email addresses and passport and tax identification numbers are now defined as protected personal data. The new amendments also expand the definition to include any biometric information collected on customers and clients.


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